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Get Centered for Self-Care Kit

Get Centered for Self-Care Kit

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Being "centered" means that you have a reference point or place to come back to when life challenges you and attempts to push you off balance. Centering is a way to put things back into perspective despite perceived obstacles through self-awareness and mindfulness practices. Centering is closely related to grounding techniques and often paired together in mindfulness practices. Centering oneself builds resilience while grounding sets a foundation and platform to begin centering.

Use the Sunsum® Get Centered For Self-Care Kit to practice centering techniques with prescribed anchoring phrases.

Compassion allow us to bear witness to suffering, whether it is in ourselves or others. As we learn to set healthier boundaries with others and ourselves, give yourself permission to retreat into yourself and not lose focus your achievements with the No. 3 - Splendor ( 4 oz ) intention candle. Practice the anchoring phrase, "I learn by doing hard work" , while the sweet aromas of mango, coconut milk and honey reward your senses.

Next, celebrate yourself so that other can bear witness and being inspired by your personal journey with the No. 4 - Victory ( 4 oz ) intention candle. Practice the anchoring phrase, "I never give up ", while the mood enhancing aromas of amber, vanilla and palo santo fill your space.

Finally, find beauty in yourself and how it relates to your journey and relates to others with the No. 5 - Beauty ( 4 oz ) intention candle. Practice the anchoring phrase, " I take care of myself", while the sensual aromas of rose, papaya, and sandalwood fill your space.

All candles are “undressed” and are handmade with cosmetic grade ingredients.

The Get Centered Kit includes :

  • 1 greeting card
  • 1 sage smudge
  • 1 bottle of matches
  • 3 intention candles
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