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Soapstone Elephant Hand Carved Cone Burner

Soapstone Elephant Hand Carved Cone Burner

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This amazing candle balls burner has an elegant beige hue and each intricately detailed and unique carvings of auspicious elephants that create an appealing visual effect that becomes even more attractive when a candle burns inside.  


 This solidly constructed aroma lamp is made of genuine soapstone and features unique craftsmanship. You will love the way the light from the candle comes out from the soapstone bowls when tea light candle is placed inside it, highlighting the elephant design carved on it. The solid soapstone construction forms a classy and elegant addition to your space, and is also ideal for home/ office table/living room decoration. 
When used to burn incense cones it can create a pleasant ambiance while the aromatic smoke goes out, keeping a clean and safe environment. 

Due to the handcrafting, some variations in color and/or pattern are to be expected.

*Handcrafted by the artisans of India to spread fragrance and light.

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